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Chiropractic champions a more natural method of healing, utilizing a non-surgical, non-invasive and drugless approach to treating patients.  A chiropractor focuses on spinal health and wellness as the key to overall health and well being.


Chiropractic holds to the idea that spinal mechanics (spinal biophysics - described as functional relationships of vertebral joints, nerves, muscles and soft tissues) plays a primary role in the health of the whole body.  Functional abnormalities of these structures can cause pain, organ malfunction, and loss of mobility. These conditions can be successfully treated.


Feel Better.  Move Better. Live Better. 

Chiropractors simply apply extensive knowledge of functional anatomy and biomechanics to improve a person's spinal and joint functions toward normal. When the spine functions at its full capacity, without malfunction, it allows the nervous system to function without interference or impairment. (This interference can be thought of as "static" or a short in the electrical system.) When the nervous system functions at its full capacity, the biological structures (muscles, organs and tissues) supplied and controlled by the associated nerves also function properly. When all the end organs (structures) of a person's being are functioning properly, obviously, the person achieves maximum health. This is the ultimate goal of chiropractic care. The body can, of itself, ward off sickness and disease without external (assistance) or interference up to the point of the "limitations of matter." It is at the breeching of these "limitations of matter" and only at this point that crisis intervention through pharmaceutics or surgery may be beneficial. Chiropractors are trained to be able to diagnose the patient and recognise when the "limitation of matter" is being reached and can make the appropriate allopathic medical referrals.



The Big Idea that Chiropractic can can keep you well and vital, not merely rid you of aches and pains, is a new concept to most Irish people.  But having been introduced to the true philosophy of chiropractic, Rick has been receiving Chiropractic Wellness care since his late teens, following a severe sports injury to his neck from playing footbal (soccer.)  Rick has over 25 years experience working with patients ranging from elite athletes (including professionals in Pro American football (NFL), Pro Beach Volleyball, Iron Man Triathlon, Pro American Baseball (MLB), University Soccer,  University Rugby, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, and marathoners) to families and children.  If you desire peak performance, better health, or relief from pain, why not book an appointment today?

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