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CoVid - 19 (coronavirus)

Please review the special procedures in place during this period.

this will reduce risk of exposure and potential dis-ease to both yourself and our staff.


In relation to risk to patients posing risk to other patients (for example while waiting for treatment) and staff, key elements of managing that risk are addressed as follows:

Prior to Booking:

  • If you have any new onset of fever, symptoms of respiratory illness or who have had  contact with a person who has COVID-19, in past 2 weeks, please rebook your appointment.  

  • It is requested that parents not bring non-appointed siblings or other people to their appointment.

Upon Arrival:

  • Upon arrival to the clinic, follow the instructions of the COVID-19 sign posted on the front door. You may wait in car and text upon arrival. A temperature reading of   38 °C or above shall not be admitted into the surgery.

  • Upon entering: please sanitise hands and wear mask if you have one. 

  • The use of toilet facilities while in the office is discouraged.

  • A written statement must be signed which will state that that the patient has no symptoms of COVID-19, and will confirm contact status and recent travel information. Signed consent is required stating that the patient understands that they are having treatment at their own risk and while the risk of not contracting COVID-19 at the clinic has been minimised as much as possible, it cannot be guaranteed.

  • Observe posted C19 precautions in the clinic at all times.

  • The receptionist will instruct you when to proceed to treatment room.  

  • Place belongings (handbag, keys, mobile etc. on table  as provided.  

  • A brief history of presenting problem will be taken while observing 2 mtr.  Social Distancing.  Please be concise and limit unrelated conversation. 

  • Follow instructions of the doctor. 

  • Treatment time will be limited to 10 min to reduce exposure risks for both the patient and the doctor per governmental guidelines of limiting encounter time to less than 15 minutes. 

  • After treatment, proceed to reception for contactless payment and arrange any necessary rebooking.  Please limit personal conversations at reception. 

Please bring: 

  • Mask

  • Please avoid using toilet facilities if possible. 



​A key element in managing the risk of exposure from staff to patients is that staff members with fever or symptoms of respiratory tract infection do not attend for work and follow specific national guidance on exclusion from work in the context of the COVID-19 emergency. Staff and doctor temperature screening shall be taken daily to insure a reading of less than 38c.

Our office is in compliance with current Government decisions on delivery of essential services.

  • Patients are seen in our office when there is expected benefit of the treatment to the patient, when there would likely be negative consequences of delayed treatment for the patient and additionally when the consequences of not treating the patient would burden their GP or an A & E.

  • CoVid-19 signage will be posted to promote hand and respiratory hygiene and social distancing.

  • A hand sanitising station will be available at reception.

  • All non-essential items have been removed from the surgeries and waiting areas (e.g. magazines, toy boxes, leaflets etc.)

  • The WHO, WFC and the HSE recommended level of PPE is a surgical mask. Single use medical exam gloves or hand sanitisation is also recommended for patient contact when the patient is not known or suspected to haveThe doctor shall comply with these guidelines. Covid-19.  

  • Proper hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette ill be observed at all times by staff and doctors.  

  • Reduced use of waiting areas is arranged for patients by managing and adhering to scheduled

    appointment times.

  • Social distancing of 2m will be observed at all times.

  • Check in-check out will be streamlined to be efficient and contactless, allowing for 2M social distancing. 

  • Scheduling staggered appointments allows appropriate time for proper cleaning and disinfection as required before the next patient.

  • Non-essential interaction between staff members and patients and between staff members will be minimised.

  • Door handles, card machines, touch screens, treatment tables and equipment are sanitised

    after each single use.

  • Disposable gloves, masks and face paper shall be safely disposed of in a bin with a lid. 

  • A mask shall be utilised as recommended for CAI members as per HSE guidelines for healthcare workers working within a 2 m radius with patients. 

  • If possible, close interaction time shall be minimised to less than 15 mins as per HSC guidelines.

  • Shaking hands shall be avoided.

  • Individual face paper shall be provided and placed with new gloves onto the headpiece by the chiropractor.

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