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Know your limits...

Innate (inborn healing power) has the ability to heal you... up to a point. For instance, if you are careless with a kitchen knife and cut off your finger, your innate is going to need a little assistance; you'll need stitches to hold your finger and all its parts together while innate takes over and makes it whole again. Sometimes, even innate is unable to get the job done, even with the best of help. That chiropractic philosophy is known as "limitation of matter." Some tissues within our body simply cannot heal fully. But remember, healing ALWAYS takes time... it is a process.

Chiropractic's role...

Your chiropractor uses the specific adjustment to restore joint position and movement with the goal of relieving irritation and/or pressure on the nervous system. By allowing the nerve to function better, nerve energy provides the vehicle for INNATE to do its job better and faster. The adjustment results in a healthier YOU!

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